An Unforgettable Foursome at the Fringe

By anne
August 13, 2006 - 22:39.

Before I write a word about the Fringe Festival, let me first admit to feelings of guilt. I saw four productions. Four. That’s like taking four small bites of a chocolate fudge sundae with bananas and a cherry on top—and then watching the rest of it melt. Next year I hope to see more, because after just a spoonful of sugar, the adrenaline goes down.

Here, then, were the highs that I experienced this weekend, accompanied on Friday by friends Jill and Leah, and on Saturday by fun-loving Pi Press A&E team lead Kathy Berdan:

The Depth of the Ocean by Derek Miller, presented by Perpetual Motion Theatre Company in (yes, IN) the swimming pool at the Downtown YWCA. Somehow, inside of 60 minutes, five actors got me to care about five characters from four different periods in time, inexplicably landing in a lifeboat together, and then, one by one, fading away.

Kill the Robot by Jon Ferguson and Stages Acting Conservatory, presented by Stages Theatre Company. Back to the Future meets The Breakfast Club as a high school graduating class of 2030-something discovers that they are the creators of the future.

Cinderella, presented by the De La Salle Players. Clever twists and turns and lots of laughs made this show a delight from beginning to end.

The Afterlife Project, or ‘She’s Just Sleeping’ and Other Lies Your Mother Told You About Death, created and presented by Upright Egg Theatre Company. Death to Smoochy meets Defending Your Life. Of the four plays I saw, this one, as Kathy B puts it, was “the Fringiest.” As “out there” as Afterlife was, it is the one that I keep thinking about. The takeaway: If you love someone, tell them before it’s too late. Also, being forgiven by others means nothing until you have forgiven yourself.

Speaking of which, I have decided that four Fringe plays is better than none, so I forgive myself for not seeing more. Oh—and I love you. Really. I’m not just saying that.

For the lowdown on Fringe Festival 2007, and for reviews on the plays performed this year, bookmark this site: Hint: Save money by purchasing a punch card to share. Get one online in advance as a gift for the theater buff in your life.

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